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Here are some sites where you can buy Manic Street Preachers CDs, posters, DVDs, books, T-shirts, etc. I have personally dealt with each of these, so I know they're trustworthy.
Here's a link to the Universal Currency Converter site , if you'd like to use it.

Note - there is no video from Richey's last show available commercially! What is sometimes labeled as Richey's last show, is actually the show on the 20th, the night before. There is an audio recording of 21 December, (Richey's last show), however. You can hear or download it from this site. Go to the "Sounds" page. (UK) / (US)

WOW HD [formerly CD-WOW!] (UK) / WOW HD [formerly CD-WOW!] (US)

Townsend Records

Tshirt Grill

Track Attack