A Richey Edwards Quiz

How well do you know Richey and the events mentioned on this website? Take this quiz and find out!

1: A fan gave Richey a set of knives in which country? 2: What is the name of the NHS hospital where Richey was first taken in the summer of 1994? 3: Richey gave which book to a friend shortly before he disappeared? 4: What was the number of the room Richey stayed in at the Embassy hotel? 5: Which Manics single was the last one Richey co-wrote? 6: Before Richey disappeared, there were several deaths. In what order did these occur? 7: Which videotape did Richey NOT leave in the box in his hotel room at the Embassy Hotel? 8: Who supposedly talked to Richey outside the Newport bus station? 9: The Manics' first show after Richey left was in support of which group? 10: Where was the latest reported sighting of Richey supposed to have happened?

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