Here's the results of past polls. (Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.) Thanks to all who participated.

Question - Do you intend to buy the re-release of The Holy Bible coming out later this year?
(Poll conducted 25 September - 6 December 2004)
1. Yes, I don't have it yet12 votes17%
2. Yes, I need a new copy6 votes8%
3. Yes, for the extras30 votes42%
4. Maybe, depends on what's added to the original13 votes18%
5. Maybe, depends on the price3 votes4%
6. No, one copy is enough6 votes8%
7. No, I don't like it that much1 vote1%
8. No, I'd rather buy new material0 votes0%
Total71 votes100%


Question - Should the Manics quit after the greatest hits album and tour?
(Poll conducted Fall 2002 - 28 January 2003)
1. Yes, their music is no good anymore10 votes12%
2. Yes, they're too old now0 votes0%
3. Yes, it will give Richey a chance to come home9 votes10%
4. Yes, it seems right to quit after a greatest hits album8 votes9%
5. No, I like them whatever their music sounds like11 votes13%
6. No, they can still make good music46 votes53%
7. I don't know/don't care2 votes2%
Total86 votes100%
[Here's my reaction to these results. ]


Question - What did you do most on February 1st (2002)?
(Poll conducted 2 February - Spring 2002)
1. Cried/felt sad25 votes14%
2. Played Manics music58 votes33%
3. Visited a Richey-related place2 votes1%
4. Visited Richey/Manics websites14 votes8%
5. Cut/burn/other yourself22 votes12%
6. Other9 votes5%
7. Nothing special48 votes27%
Total178 votes100%


Question - When do you think Richey will return?
(Poll conducted Autumn 2001 - 1 February 2002)
1. Before he's declared dead on February 1, 20029 votes3%
2. Soon after he's declared dead on February 1, 200230 votes10%
3. After the Manics break up28 votes9%
4. Never - he wants to remain missing148 votes49%
5. Never - he's already dead51 votes17%
6. I don't know38 votes13%
Total304 votes100%


Question - What do you think of KYE, and what do you think Richey would think of it?
(Poll conducted March - May 2001)
1. I like it / Richey would like it108 votes36%
2. I like it / Richey wouldn't, though18 votes6%
3. I like it / Don't know if Richey would87 votes29%
4. I don't like it / Richey would, though3 votes1%
5. I don't like it / Richey wouldn't, either42 votes14%
6. I don't like it / Don't know about Richey42 votes14%
Total300 votes100%


Question - What did you do most on February 1st?
(Poll conducted 1 February - 22 March 2001)
1. Cried/felt sad54 votes21%
2. Played Manics music64 votes25%
3. Visited a Richey-related place10 votes4%
4. Cut/burn/other yourself57 votes22%
5. Other13 votes5%
6. Nothing special59 votes23%
Total257 votes100%


Question - What do you think happened to Richey?
(Poll conducted 1 February 1999 - 25 November 2000)
Still alive94 votes81%
Dead12 votes10%
I don't know9 votes8%
Other1 vote1%
Total116 votes100%

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