My Reaction To The Poll Results

I was very surprised by the results of the poll which asked, "Should the Manics quit after the greatest hits album and tour?"

First the negative. I expected a greater response. I ran the poll far longer than I wanted to, in hopes of eventually reaching at least 100 responses. But that seemed an impossible number to get to.

Also, I'm amused and a bit dismayed at the 11 people (13% of the total) who answered, "No, I like them whatever their music sounds like." In other words, these people will buy ANYTHING as long as it's from the Manics. Even the very worst garbage! That's not very smart, folks!

On the positive side, no one answered, "Yes, they're too old now." A band whose members are all over 30, and none of their fans, (many of whom are teenagers), think they're too old. How wonderful for those of us who are the same age as the band or older (like me). The kids don't think we're all irrelevant!

Anyway, thanks to the people who did respond to this poll. I just wish there had been more of you.