What's New: 1999-2001

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Here's what I've been able to recreate, from several sources, of the changes to this site before I removed the old "What's New" page and started the newsletter in September 2001. This is by no means complete.

Home - I've added a new message board. (8 September 2001)

Home - I've removed the animated flying Welsh flag, but added a new animation - one that I made of the covers of the EP and albums that Richey was involved in. (3 September 2001)

Favicon - I've created a little favicon for this site. (28 August 2001)

Links To Related Sites - I've removed the link to the web site, Richey Edwards and Nicky Wire, since the site is basically no longer in existence. (maybe July 2001)

Site - MAJOR NEWS - I've got my own domain name now for this site!!! While the old Geocities address still works, as this site is still a part of Geocities, this site can now also be found at this address: www.richeyedwards.net. Easier to remember, and less to type in. (6 May 2001)

Home - I've decided it was time to remove the quizlet, "What do you think of KYE, and what do you think Richey would think of it?", since it has been up for over a month. Thank you to the 300 people who participated in answering the question. Soon, I hope, I'll ask a new question. (May 2001)

Other Things - I've started this page. There's two items on it - a petition about Cuba and a tribute to Joey Ramone - which are not exactly Richey-related, but they do have a bit of a connection to him. Go have a look. (April 2001)

Home - I've removed the quizlet, "What did you do most on 1 February?" (March 2001)

A Response To Critics Of This Website - Just what it says. Please read this before you send me any more nasty email! (March 2001)

Pictures - At last, they're all back, and more! I've just put up the last sections of pictures, and I've added some new ones to the collection. (March 2001)

Links To Related Sites - I've removed the link to the web site, Generation Terrorists, because it is no longer being updated. Shame, it was a good site for awhile. (February or March 2001)

The Richey Edwards Web Ring - I've started a web ring for all web sites that are about, or significantly feature, Richey Edwards. (23 February 2001)

Home - I've added a quizlet, "What did you do most on 1 February?". (2 February 2001)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Poetry About Richey - I've added the latest poem I've written, "Yes, I Saw Him". (1 February 2001)

Front - I've changed the pictures on the first page of this site. I think the new ones are more appropriate with the title. (1 February 2001)

Feedback - I've removed the survey question, "What do you think happened to Richey?" that has been on this site since the very beginning, because the results aren't changing anymore. Thank you to all who participated. I've renamed the page, and it can still be used for any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. you may have about this site. (25 November 2000)

A Richey Edwards Quiz - I've created a fun little quiz for you to take to see how much you know about Richey and the events on this site. The answers are provided. (2 November 2000)

Richey Dissertation - A very nice person named Beth needs your help for her dissertation. I have posted the questions that she'd like you to answer. Please help her! (late October or early November 2000)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Story - How I Discovered Richey And Manic Street Preachers - I've added the story of how I got into Richey and the Manics. (maybe September 2000)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: Journal From My Trip To See MSP In Toronto, September 1999 - I've added my journal of when I saw the Manics in concert last year. (13 September 2000)

Site - This site has just been added to the Yahoo! search engine. (5 September 2000)

Anna's View - Here's something that a friend of mine wrote for this web site. (17 June 2000)

Front - I've added a quote that I think is appropriate. (May 2000)

Home - I've added a message board called "Richey's Board". (23 February 2000)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Poetry About Richey - I've added another poem I've written, "Five Years On". (31 January or 1 February 2000)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Poetry About Richey - I've added the latest poem I've written, "Richey Days". (late January 2000)

Survey - I've got this working again. It turns out that it was a really small thing that was very easily fixed. (definitely by 18 November 1999)

Survey - I've just been told that my survey page doesn't work! I've been wondering why no one's used it for several months now! Thank you so very much to the person who finally told me about this. I'll try to figure out what's wrong as soon as I can. (15 November 1999)

Chat Room (Richey's Room) - I made a second attempt at "Chat with the creator". It didn't work out this time, either. (30 June or 1 July 1999)

Site and Chronology Of Events - I've decided to move back the beginning of when the event on this site starts, back two months. So, I've added an item to the Chronology Of Events page from September 1993. (4 June 1999)

Chat Room (Richey's Room) - I tried to allow people to chat with me in something I called, "Chat with the creator". Unfortunately, it didn't work out. (25 May 1999)

About Me - Find out something about the creator of this site, and a link to my other web site. (maybe 13 April 1999)

Chat Room (Richey's Room) - Someone told me that this isn't working. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. (10 April 1999)

Chat Room (Richey's Room) - I've added a chat room called "Richey's Room". (maybe 1 March 1999)

Home - This site has just become a member of the Manic Street Preachers Webring. (18 February 1999)

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