What's New: 2008

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Sounds: London Astoria - 19 December 1994 - I've added the first of the last three concerts the Manics performed with Richey. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn't all that great, and there's one song from the concert missing. (20 December 2008)

Pictures: Richey With Others - I've changed to a better copy of one picture on each of the four pages in this section. (14 December 2008)

Pictures: Richey Alone - I've added five new pictures to this section. There's one new pic on A Page, two new pics on C Page, and two new pics on F Page. Also, I've moved the four last pics that were on F Page, to a new G Page. (11 December 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: Toronto Warehouse - 11 September 1999 - I've added an advertisement for this show. I found it in a Toronto newspaper. (10 December 2008)

Home page - I've added a site search powered by Yahoo! It seems to work pretty well. (8 December 2008)

Articles: (2003 - 2008) - I've added two articles from last week, "Final Farewell For A Cult Hero" from The Independent, 28 November 2008, and "Richey Edwards Case Closed: How 14 Years Of Hope Ended" from The Guardian, 29 November 2008. (5 December 2008)

Articles: (1995) - I've found the original of the article, "Motorcar Emptiness: Manics Mystery Still Unsolved" from New Musical Express, 4 March 1995, so I've fixed the version on this site. (28 November 2008)

Videos - I've added a link to a BBC Wales Today report from 1995. It's on the BBC's web site. (26 November 2008)

Chronology Of Events - I've added the two developments of this month. (23 November 2008)

Articles: (2003 - 2008) - MAJOR NEWS! It's in the latest article I've added, "After 13 Years, The Parents Of Missing Rock Star Richey Edwards Admit He's Dead" from The Mail on Sunday, 23 November 2008. (23 November 2008)
I've also decided to stop adding to the latest article index after this year, since there's enough articles listed on it. I'll start a new one next year.

Articles: (2003 - 2008) - I've added a second article about the Manics using the lyrics Richey left behind: "'We Felt It Was Time To Use Richey's Lyrics'" from New Musical Express, 8 November 2008. (21 November 2008)

Articles: (2003 - 2008) - I've added two new articles. One is "Manic Street Preachers Dedicate Reading Festival Set To Richey Edwards" from New Musical Express, 23 August 2008. The other is "Manics Album Inspired By Richey" from bbc.co.uk, 4 November 2008. (4 November 2008)

Articles: (1999 - 2001) - I've found what appears to be the original copy of the article, "I Can Never Rest Until I've Found My Vanished Street Preacher" from The Sun, 23 February 1999, so I've fixed the version on this site. (9 October 2008)

E - Friends - I've added 2 new people to the list, both from the UK. (7 October 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - One more goodie, (and probably, the last one for awhile - I really have to stop looking at ebay)! (20 September 2008)

E - Friends Changes Form - This is a new form for you to use if you just want to change some of the info in your listing, such as your email address. (14 September 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - I've added pictures for most of the items in the "Other" section. Almost all of the pictures are scans of the items that I did myself.
Click on the camera icon next to a item, and the picture of it will appear in a pop up window.
Also, there's a bunch of items that are labelled "new", but I didn't just get them. They're things I've had for a long time, but I had forgotten about, when I originally made this list of my MSP things. So, they're new to the list. (8 September 2008)

Site - I've removed most of the new window openings that resulted from links throughout the site, and put warnings for the ones that are left. A lot of them were left over from when this site used frames, and the rest... well, I just went a little overboard! The only ones left are for pictures, the three subdomains, and the E - Friends forms and several other pages. (31 August 2008)

Pictures - Now when you click on a picture, it appears in a pop up window that is just a little bigger than the picture itself. However, if you can't use Javascript for some reason, the picture will load in the same window you already have opened. (26 August 2008)

Pictures - I've added a background colour to these pages that you can see, (it used to be ivory, which really didn't show at all). (13 August 2008)

Articles: (1999 - 2001) - I've finally added "The Lost Boy" from The Big Issue, 1-7 February 1999. I've had the file sitting around for a long time, but I never seemed to get around to fixing it up for the site. Until now, that is. (13 August 2008)

Site - I've made a little CSS change which might be useful to someone. If you print a page where there are links to external pages or sites, (except the pages which have videos from YouTube), the URLs of the links will appear on the printed page. (11 August 2008)

Articles - Big changes for this section! I've removed the "print" icon from each article, made each page look more like every other page on this site, with a nav menu on top of the page, and a coloured border around the edges. I also applied these changes to the four articles in the "My Writings" section.
Also, I changed the file name and made a few other changes to several articles, to be more consistant with the rest of the site.
Lastly, I put the two articles about clothes from New Musical Express, August 2001, onto two separate pages. (8 August 2008)

Site - Styling changes! I've changed the fonts for this site. When the pages are viewed on your computer, you'll see them in Arial, (Verdana for smaller text), or a similar sans-serif font. However, if you print the pages, they will be in Times New Roman, Times or a similar serif font.
Also, navigational elements on a page won't show up if the page is printed, except for the article pages. I'm still working on those.
The videos from YouTube won't show up either, but I don't why anyone would want to print those pages.
Lastly, I've changed the colour of links after they're visited. They now become purple, rather than going back to the blue of unvisited links. However, all links, whether visited or not, will be blue when a page is printed. (4 August 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - Yes, yet one more goodie for the collection. (3 August 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Reviews Of Books About Manic Street Preachers - I've slightly changed the look of the book review pages, to make them more consistent with the rest of the My Writings section. (2 August 2008)

"Richey Is Dead": Two Articles And A Review - I've put the two articles and the review about the song, that had been on separate pages, together on the same page. I've also made the new page look like every other one in the main section of the web site. (2 August 2008)

Site - More of those changes that probably no one will notice, except me. I've cleaned up the XHTML and CSS for every page of this site, and replaced the external style sheets. (25 July 2008)

About Me And My Other Websites - I've removed the link to one of my other web sites, To Remember Them, since I've decided to make the site unavailable (at least, for now). (15 July 2008)

My Favourite MSP Pages/Sites - I've finally removed the link for one web site. I hate to do it, because the site's owner is (or, at least, used to be), a friend of mine, but apparently, the site doesn't really exist anymore. (29 June 2008)

Articles: (1996 - 1999) - I've added a letter Lori Fidler wrote to VOX magazine after the publication of an article, in January 1996, in which she is mentioned. The link for the letter is just below the link for the article. (24 June 2008)

Videos - I've added "Reading 94 Interview With James And Nicky" from YouTube, and removed "From Despair To Bangkok" from the official Manics site, since it's no longer available from there. (16 June 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - Yes, one more goodie for the collection. (13 June 2008)

Videos - The "Vanishing Of Richey Manic" documentary has vanished from YouTube again, so I've removed the links. (29 May 2008)

Games - The "Which member of Manic Street Preachers are you?" game has disappeared from quizilla.com, so I've removed the link to it. (25 May 2008)

Site - Remember those yellow circles I had on certain pages of this site, that said "NEW", "UPDATED" or "FIXED"? Well, I've changed the "FIXED" circles to a yellow rectangle and the others to just the word written in red, without a coloured background. (21 May 2008)

Site - I've been so busy checking for other people's mistakes, I didn't get around to checking for any of my own, (except in the articles section - I've already checked for, and fixed, the mistakes I made on those pages)! Well, I've done that now, and sure enough, I found that I had made spelling errors and typos on over a dozen pages of this site. They're all fixed now, though. (14 May 2008)

Articles: (1999 - 2001) - I found the original of "Nicky Wire Remembers The Inimitable Richey Edwards" from Q, October 2001, and in comparing it to the version that's on this site, I found a few mistakes - like an entire sentence missing - in the online version. It's correct now, though. (13 May 2008)

Site - It's back!! I'm very sorry if you weren't able to see this site for most of today and/or part of yesterday. I swear I didn't receive a domain name renewal notice email until today, even though the company says they sent me several of them before this. Anyway, I renewed the domain name as soon as I could, so this site should be available for the next 2 years, at least. (7 May 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - One more goodie, (and probably, the last one for awhile)! (7 May 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - Yet another goodie! (28 April 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - I've had all the songs for months, but now I finally have a proper copy of the Manics' latest album. (25 April 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - I bought a goodie through ebay back in November - a set of five The Holy Bible postcards - and it was sent then. I just got it! (8 April 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - I was able to get another goodie, for an insanely cheap price. (21 March 2008)

Articles: (2002) - I've found out that the article, "Manics: 'We haven't Decided About Our Future'" from New Musical Express, 27 July 2002, has been correct all along, so I've removed the "questionable" designation for it. (11 March 2008)

E - Friends - I've added a new person to the list, from the UK. (4 March 2008)

Shopping Sites - I've removed the link for Opal Music, since they seem to be no longer in business, and I've added links to two places: CD-WOW! (their UK and US sites), and recordstore.co.uk. (28 February 2008)

Downloads - I've added a note about which other albums the Manics used the fonts for. (19 February 2008)

Videos - I've added the "Vanishing Of Richey Manic" documentary. It's from YouTube, and it's in 3 parts. (11 February 2008)

Articles: (2003 - 2008) - I've added "The Lost Godlike Genius" from New Musical Express, 9 February 2008. (6 February 2008)

Games: Word Game - I've changed this yet again. Now, you can either see my answers on the same page as the game, or see them on a separate page. (3 February 2008)

Pictures - I've added another picture to the "Other" section. (1 February 2008)

My Writings About Richey And MSP: My Manic Street Preachers Things - I just got another goodie - a 12" vinyl copy of the single, "Slash 'N' Burn". (1 February 2008)

Downloads - I've created two wallpapers for you to use on your computer. Each one is available in three screen resolutions. (1 February 2008)

E - Friends - I've added a new person to the list, from the UK. (17 January 2008)

Manic Christmas - Sadly, the Christmas season is gone, and so is the Manic Christmas page. (6 January 2008)

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