What's New: 2001-2002

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From September 2001 to October 2002, I put out a newsletter which had all the update information for this site, as well as a few other interesting things. Here's the update info from those newsletters.

27 October 2002 - Issue 10:

The end :(
After 10 issues, I've decided to end this newsletter.
As spam has increased dramatically, some email services are starting to block it from their users, and some consider this spam, and send it back to me. I got newsletters back from 11 people last time. (My other email service doesn't see the difference between real spam and things I've signed up for.)
I'm going to restore the "What's New" page to my site. So you can still see what's been added, deleted or changed on the site.
I truly appreciate your support of my site. I will continue to work on it. I have several ideas for new features. (Maybe I'll bring back the message board.) I will certainly include any new information about Richey as soon as I can.

If you wanted to see my special, temporary web site for 11 September, but didn't, or you want to see it again, now you can. I've made it a permanent site called To Remember Them, at it's own address: www.geocities.com/torememberthem.

E - Friends - There's several new people on this list.
Mystery Pic - I've ended the poll for this. Most people said that the picture is NOT Richey and Nicky. I'm leaving the picture on my site, along with the results of the poll. Thank you to all those who participated. (BTW, I still have my other poll running!)
Site - I've done some tweaking to the design of the site.

7 September 2002 - Issue 9:

In memory of the events and the people who died [11 September 2001], this site will be unavailable starting 11 September 2002, at 12 midnight (EDT). The site will be back 16 September 2002, at 12 midnight (EDT). I will instead, post a memorial/tribute mini-site during that period.

E - Friends - There's 3 new people on this list.
Mystery Pic - I've put up a picture that is a mystery. Just who are the people in it? Take a look, and decide for yourself. There's a small poll for your opinion.
Richey/Site FAQ - I've added my reasoning for the "fluffy" things on the site.

3 August 2002 - Issue 8:

On 11 July, the site was awarded a Golden Web Award by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers, a professional group! I am very appreciative of this award, and truly humbled by it.

Polls - I've finally posted a new poll question.
E - Friends - As of today, there are 13 people on the e-friends list.
Articles - I've added "Manics: 'We Haven't Decided About Our Future'" from New Musical Express, 27 July 2002.

22 June 2002 - Issue 7:

E - Friends - I've added a new service on my site. For more information, go to the "E - Friends" section on my site.
Games - I've come up with a word game. I was going to run this as a contest, but the prize I was going give out, didn't turn out as I'd hoped. So, I decided to put this on my site, as something you can do for yourself during these long summer days. For more information, go to the "Games" section on my site.
Other Things - Earlier this month, another member of the Ramones, Dee Dee, died of an apparent drug overdose. I've added a tribute to him.

6 April 2002 - Issue 6:

Articles - I've added "Why did they have to go?" from The Observer, 10 March 2002, "A Manic Obsession" from Entertainment Weekly, 13 March 2002, and seven articles from the found feet incident, 26-28 March 2002.
Polls - I've ended the latest poll. I have the final results on the site. Thanks to all who participated. Look soon for a new chance to give your opinion!

23 February 2002 - Issue 5:

I added the mini-site for the anniversary of Richey's disappearance on 1 February. (If you only saw the mini-site on the 1st, I did add a few articles since then.) The mini-site will stay up until the end of February, then I will put most of the contents around the regular site. So, you have almost another week to check it out as it is, or add to the Fans' Page, if you haven't already. I also changed the front page of my site for this period.
And if you'll let me toot my own horn for a second - this site got 1100 hits on 1 February!

Richey/Site FAQ - I've added two questions in the "Other things" category, and one in the "Events on this site" category.
Poll - I've put up a new poll question along with the results from the last one.
Forum/Message board - I'm so sorry, but I've suspended this. You can get to the reasons why, from the same place you got to the board.
Articles - I've added "Oh, Aah, Street Preach-ah!" from Melody Maker, 10 December 1994.

26 January 2002 - Issue 4

Articles: (1995) - I've added "James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers on a year of hospital horror" from Select, January 1995.
Pictures - There's a whole new section of pics - "Other". These aren't of Richey himself, but of things related to him, like his parents (obviously, literally related to him!)
My Writings About Richey And MSP: What I Think Happened To Richey - I've finally written my opinion about Richey and what happened to him. Remember, this is only my opinion! If you disagree with me, please don't send me emails telling me how wrong or stupid I am.
Links To Related Sites - I've added a link to an interesting site - FanFiction.Net. There you'll find fiction, featuring the Manics, written by fans.
Richey/Site FAQ - I've renamed this, (it used to be called "My FAQ"). I've also added two questions (with answers), and added to two other answers, all in the "Richey Edwards" category.

15 December 2001 - Issue 3:

My FAQ - I've added this FAQ of the questions my site's visitors have asked about.
Other Things - I've added a tribute to George Harrison, who died 29 November 2001.
Polls - I've added a poll. Give your opinion on the current topic! I plan on changing the topic after awhile.
"Richey Is Dead" - I've added a second article about the song, from April 1997, and a review of the song from September 1997.
Articles - I've added "Little Baby Nothing" from Kerrang, December 1993 and "Manic New Year", also from Kerrang, December 1993.

27 October 2001 - Issue 2:

Pictures - I've added 10 new pictures. There's 7 new ones in the 1990-1993 section, and 3 new ones in the 1994 section. The new ones are immediately following the old ones.
Articles - I've moved the links to the articles on other sites, onto the appropriate pages (ex. 1995). And, I've changed the navigation within this section of the site.
Message Board/Forum - I've added several writings on my board about the situation here in America. There's now four. If anyone cares to read them. (Okay, I know they're not about Richey, but actually my forum/message board can be used to express ANYTHING, Richey-related, or not.) Also, I've added info about where you can find audio interviews with Richey, since several people have asked me about this recently.
Other Things - I've removed the tribute to Joey Ramone. Six months seems long enough to have a tribute to him on this site.
Links To Related Sites - I've had to get rid of three more links because the sites are gone. Hopefully, one or two of them will be back sometime soon. There seems to me, to be a lot of Manics sites dying off lately. But, I've also added a new link to a really good MSP site.
Site - I've done some little things throughout the site, mainly just tweaking things up a bit. Like, changing a word or two in a writing - that sort of minor thing.
Sounds - I've added a picture of Rachel, Richey's sister.
My Writings About Richey And MSP - I've created a new subdomain for these. And I've made navigation within this section a bit easier.
"Richey Is Dead" - After many playings and much careful listening, I've finally figured out all the lyrics! So, I've put the correct ones on my site. Plus, I've added a picture of the single's front cover.
Site - I've added a mp3 of "Sepia" as background music to the home page.

23 September 2001 - Issue 1:

On Friday, 14 September 2001, I took the site down for the day. Here's what the only page available said: "In honour of the day of mourning in America called by President Bush, and supported by the European Union, Canada, and South Korea, I have decided to make site unavailable for today, Friday, September 14, 2001. The plight of an adult man, who did what he wanted to, no matter how many people he left behind who feel hurt and sad, seems insignificant in light of the thousands who lost their lives in the terrorists attacks of this week in New York City, Washington, DC and rural Pennsylvania (80 miles from where I am)."

Articles - added "Nicky Wire remembers Richey Edwards" from Q magazine, October 2001.
Site - I've upgraded my account, so there's room for the site to grow. You will notice there are no more pop-up ad squares. And the articles section is now it's own subdomain. Also, my email address has changed for mail concerning this site. (See side panel.) Important - the address for my site is definitely www.richeyedwards.net now!

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