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1. What is written on Richey's shirt in the "4 REAL" pictures?
2. Why do you have things on this site that have nothing to do with Richey's disappearance, like the games and E - Friends?
3. May I use some of the things on your site for my site?
4. Why have you removed (some of the pictures, Sex Q&A, etc.) from your site?
5. Are there any books written about only Richey? Updated!
6. Where can I buy videos of Manics concerts and the documentaries?
7. Could you send me a picture of the cover of Melody Maker in 1995, that had both Richey and Kurt Cobain?
8. Could you put my picture / poem or other writing / link to my site / notice about my school project, on your site?
9. Where can I get something with Richey's voice?
10. There's a woman, Angie Kruger, who claims Richey is her "spirit guide"!

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