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Name: Rebecca
Email: changeless_angel23@yahoo.com
Age: 42
Location: Florida, USA
Comment: I've loved the Manics for so long, especially Richey. I'm praying he hears Nicky's new song begging him to come home, and Richey will finally make all of our dreams come true and be home for Christmas this year.
Date Added: 2013-09-18

Name: Terri
Email: terrimpin@hotmail.com
Age: 17
Location: Hawaii, US
Comment: talk to me!:D
Date Added: 2012-04-26

Name: Krista Bobick
Email: kristabobick@hotmail.com
Age: 37
Location: Colorado, USA
Comment: Love the Manics, love Richey, feel free to write!
Date Added: 2010-10-19

Name: Brie
Email: inthemudhole@gmail.com
Age: 17
Location: Fargo, North Dakota
Comment: (no comments)
Date Added: 2009-07-30

Name: Priscilla
Email: himlovingher@hotmail.com
Age: 16
Location: Arizona, United States of America
Comment: Of course I am a fan.
Date Added: 2007-09-03