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Here's two wallpapers I made that you may want for your computer. Click on the resolution under the picture you want that your monitor is set at. (If your resolution isn't shown, choose the closest size.) If you need further help, here's instructions for downloading and installing wallpapers to your computer desktop.

Screen Saver

Quote Screen Saver (a zip file which contains a screen saver that was originally on the band's official website in 2001)

Manics Fonts

Manics Fonts (a zip file which contains the following fonts), or you can right click on each font below, if you want to download them separately.
Here's a good page on Microsoft's web site that should help you with installing and using these fonts.
(Note - the "Everything Must Go" font was also used on the following albums: Gold Against The Soul, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, Know Your Enemy, Lifeblood, National Treasures, and Rewind The Film, the "Another Holy Bible Large" font was also used on the Send Away The Tigers and Journal For Plague Lovers albums, and the "Forever Delayed" font was also used on the Postcards From A Young Man album.)

Generation Terrorists font
Another Holy Bible Large font
Everything Must Go font
Forever Delayed font

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