A Response To Critics Of This Website

March 2001

This site has existed for over two years, but I have recently received a few emails that were critical of my endeavor. Rather than getting in the touch directly with the writers, I have decided to post this on my site, to serve as a response to these and any future criticisms.

For the person who felt "insulted" by this site: First, why were you even visiting it? You had to have known what you were going to find here, since I make it very clear in the description of this site, which is used by many search engines. Second, you complained that I didn't know anything more about Richey's situation than what I had read written by "rock journos", which is basically true. But, can YOU honestly say that you know anything different? Unless you were some great friend of Richey's or a relative, I doubt that you do. (And remember, even those closest to Richey now feel that they didn't know him as well as they thought they did.) Like the rest of the world, I have to assume that what I read in the music press is basically the truth. Especially when I can find nothing in any statements from the family or the band that contradict the press' version. But, if you DO know something the rest of the world doesn't, I have some suggestions. Do something creative with it - make your own website. Or, if it's a valuable piece of information that would resolve this situation, tell Richey's family or the authorities.

For the person who told me to "move on": Well, I don't mind your telling me that too much, except that I get the feeling that you would tell Richey's friends and family that, also. What you don't seem to understand is that the situation with Richey has left people without a sense of closure. This isn't like where certain fans of Elvis Presley, or Jim Morrison, refuse to accept their deaths, so they make up wild conspiracies about them faking death so that they can live the rest of their lives in quiet, or at Burger King. In the cases of Elvis and Morrison, there were real bodies laid to rest, real death certificates issued, real tombstones to visit. In Richey's case, none of these things exist. And, his family is still searching for answers to what really happened. Just last year, at the fifth anniversary of Richey's disappearance, his sister and mother were still making public appeals for him to contact them, or for someone to give any information they might have to the authorities investigating the case. Even the court has yet to officially declare Richey dead, and can't do so, until next February 1st. In short, this is still very much an unsolved situation, and the people who loved Richey, need a sense of finality, in order to totally move on with their lives. Maybe you don't, but many of us fans, join the family in this need to some degree. By the way, if you knew me, you would know that I'm NOT stuck in the Richey-era, as you probably think I am. If I were, I doubt I would have spent 48 hours and $100 to go to another country (Canada, 300 miles away) to see them in September 1999. I certainly would NOT have been trying to convince my friend that the post-Richey Manics are just as worthy of her attention as the Richey-era Manics. And I wouldn't be eagerly awaiting each new release the past five years!

For the person who carried on about "if you really loved or knew Richey, you wouldn't have this site", or something similar: Well, I really don't have too much more that I can say to you, other than what I've said above. But, your statement does make me think that you feel like you have some deep understanding of, or connection to Richey that the rest of us don't. Are you a friend or a relative? Or is your connection psychic? Or maybe you're one of those that spent a few minutes in bed with him. You know, he did that with A LOT of women. Part of the rock 'n' roll mythology he felt he had to live up to.

For all of you: I'm not going to change this site because of your comments. Yes, I asked for your opinions, and you have the right to express yourself, even if I disagree with you. But, at the end of the day, the only person whose opinion really matters here is mine. This website is my creation. I am the person whose name is on it, the person who must live with it. And I am pretty darned proud of what I've created. I'm never completely satisfied with it, so I'm always trying to add little things, or tweak it in some way, but generally, I think I've done a good job. I'm bolstered by all the comments I get from visitors who do like my site - and there have been far more of these than of criticisers. I'm getting hundreds of visitors a month at my site, and have received only three critical emails in over two years. I'm also bolstered by the fact that Richey's family IS still making public appeals for information. I feel that maybe this website can be a part of the effort to keep the situation in the public's eye. And I'm happy that people like Anna, who was part of the group of people around the Manics and Richey for a time, (see "Anna's View"), have decided that this is a good website.

Thank you for reading this. But if you really don't like this site, all I can say to you is - don't come back!

Copyright © 2001 Vivian Campbell. All rights reserved.

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